How does one commemorate SSEAYP Day in a Covid-19 world?

For us, we celebrated SSEAYP Day the SSEAYP way, via a virtual Noodle Party!

Every SSEAYP Participating Youth (PY) would attest that Noodle Parties were a great way to bond and hang out after the day’s programme was over . PYs would share and exchange their cup noodles, bridging cultural differences and uniting as one. Everyone’s excitement was palpable to reminisce the fun moments on board with the noodle party!

SIS Noodles Party Group 2



SIS Noodles Party Group 1

 Caption: Participants taking a group photo with cup noodles in hand

 After an icebreaker Kahoot quiz on SSEAYP conducted by 2nd Deputy President Ms Claressa Sim, participants were grouped into different Zoom rooms where they got to share intimate stories with fellow PYs across different batches.

For an SPY1986, the most memorable part of SSEAYP was witnessing a volcanic eruption from the deck of Nippon Maru. The Captain had initially informed them that there were “fireworks”!

Noodles Party Zoom Room

Mr Francis Goh, SPY2016 and Director, PYs Engagement & SCA, SSEAYP International Singapore, brought four caps that he received during SSEAYP to share his memories. One was a gift from his NL, a cultural headgear and a SSEAYP sailor cap merchandise gotten from his Indonesian host family, and a cap received from VPY2019 when he was a SSEAYP Liaison Officer in 2019.

For another SPY1993, SSEAYP was not just about friendships forged among PYs, but also with the ship crew. She recalled how after SSEAYP, she had returned to cruise on board Nippon Maru and the crew still remembered her dietary restrictions.

Noodles Party Zoom Room

At the Noodles Party, SIS unveiled an exclusive SSEAYP Cup Noodles t-shirt as a merchandise for participants. Mr Isaac Chung, Director, Merchandising and Digitalisation shared that SIS members could look forward to more SSEAYP event-themed collaterals in future events. Secretary-General Mr Amos Lee also sought participants’ support in the upcoming membership data refresh exercise that the Executive Board would be embarking on.

The SSEAYP Day Virtual Noodles Party was held on 7 October 2020, Wednesday from 7.30pm to 9pm (SGT) over the Zoom platform. A total of 42 participants, including 38 SIS members and 4 foreign Participating Youths (PYs), joined in the session. At the end of it, the happy smiles on everyone’s faces and hearty thanks clearly signaled the nostalgic moments relived 🙂


Here are what some participants had to say:

“The Noodles Party was an interesting idea to get SSEAYP members together as it is something we all can identify with. The breakout rooms gave us good time to interact with different batches. it was great to see many faces (both familiar and new) and be able to chat with them. I enjoyed the session and time always seems to fly.” Colette Toh, SPY1996.

“Feels like time made us relive our greatest ‘n happy moments especially when chowing down a bowl of cup noodles with your fellow PYs.” Muhammad Fairuz Bin Abdul Wahab, SPY2010.

“The Noodles Party was an enjoyable experience to meet up with SSEAYP family, including the SIS committee members. It was nice to see familiar faces and getting to know others from the event. Being able to reminisce the memories we had from our experience and sharing it with others. That joyful and wonderful feeling that I will not forget for the rest of my life. It was worth the night spending time with everyone,” said Mr Hazim Murad, Brunei PY2019.


Opening Address by SIS President

Dear SSEAYP family,

It’s great to be with all of you today. If not for the SSEAYP programme which started on 7 October 1974, many of us would not have crossed paths. Indeed, I believe among us, our lives have changed because of SSEAYP.

The 4th Executive Board of SSEAYP International Singapore was recently elected at our Biennial General Meeting on 19 September 2020. As a new team, there were many ideas on how we wanted to commemorate SSEAYP Day, and we finally decided to hold this virtual Noodle Party.

I recall back in those days when we were on board during SSEAYP, Noodle Parties were where PYs gathered to unwind after a long day of programmes; where we exchanged culture through food, in this case our noodles, and where we informally bonded and connected. Tonight, I’m wearing a SSEAYP t-shirt given to me by my Japanese cabin mate. I am sure you have brought your unique memories along for sharing today too!

We initially wanted to organise the SSEAYP Day Noodle Party for SIS members but after publicising our event, we received some registrations from foreign PYs. After some discussion within the team, we decided that, in the spirit of SSEAYP, we welcome them to join us today. So to our foreign PYs, a warm welcome on behalf of everyone.

COVID has postponed many of our ex-PYs’ plans to gather. We believe we can continue to keep the SSEAYP spirit going via virtual means. With your feedback on tonight’s event, we do hope to organise subsequent installations of the Noodle Party for the SSEAYP fraternity – involving both local and foreign PYs – so that we can continue to exchange our ideas, culture and forge friendships.

I would like to thank my team of Executive Board members for the virtual planning, preparation and organising tonight’s session. And also, to all of you, our SSEAYP family, for your support.

On this note, I would like to wish everyone a Happy SSEAYP Day and an enjoyable Noodle Party! Thank you!