SSEAYP International General Assembly (SIGA)

SIGA is an annual general meeting of former participants of the SSEAYP, their families as well as host parents. It is organized by SSEAYP International (SI) and hosted by an Alumni Associations on a rotational basis. The 1st SIGA was held in 1988 was hosted by KABESA – the Malaysian Alumni Association.

The objectives of SIGA are:

  • To sustain the mutual relationship among the ex-participating youths (ex-PYs) of ASEAN and Japan.
  • To create the opportunity for the reunion of former participants in order to realize our desire to promote lasting friendship, understanding and goodwill.
  • To help in the development of the activities of all the Alumni Associations through the exchange of information.
  • To exchange information on activities of respective Alumni Associations and the Secretariat of SSEAYP International.
  • To support government in promoting youth activities at the international level.

On going activities pursuant to SIGA are:

  • SI Travel Network
  • SI HR Network
  • SI Social Contributions Actvities