Closing Registration Date: 31 July 2019
Commitment Period: August 2019 to November 2019

As a Liaison Officer, you will advancing the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans through
effective communications and interaction with Participating Youth from other ASEAN countries.
To be an LO, you must have a good grasp of Singapore culture, heritage and history. You need
to be able to persuade and assert, as well as build and sustain relationships. You must be
versatile, and ready to adapt to and thrive in different environments.

As a Liaison Officer (LO), you will analyse, report and share Singapore history, culture and
heritage to Participating Youth from other ASEAN countries. You will be deployed to take
charge of a group of participating youths. Your responsibilities could include:
● Representing Singapore during the Singapore Port of Call Local Programme
● Ensuring the safety and welfare of the participating youths
● Coordinate the movement of the participating youths from one place to another
● Answer to Participating Youth’s queries on Singapore
● Networking to cultivate and maintain close ties with participating youth
● Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Resident with the commitment to assist and
can adapt to the challenges
● Exceptional individuals with a keen interest in international affairs, strong analytical skills
and conceptual abilities, excellent written and oral communication skills, strong ability to
engage people at all levels, and good planning and organisation skills

Development Opportunities
You will be equipped with essential knowledge, skills and diplomatic tradecraft through
structured programmes, workshop, courses and training.

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