DepThe functions of the Executive Board are:

  1. To formulate and implement specific programmes for the Alumni members;
  2. To assist the National Youth Council in formulating and implementing local programmes for participants of SSEAYP;
  3. To share with the public (through talks, seminars, conferences and publications) the knowledge gained by the participants of the SSEAYP, and
  4. To maintain links with similar alumni and youth associations of other ASEAN countries and Japan through seminars, conferences, youth exchange programmes and publications.


The 4th SIS Executive Board was elected at the Biennial General Meeting held virtually on 19 September 2020.

4th SIS Executive Board (2020 – 2022):


Name (Year of SSEAYP Participation)


Fong Yoong Kheong, PBM (2010)

1st Deputy President

Jed Senthil K J (2010)

2nd Deputy President

Claressa Sim Zhen Li (2016)


Amos Lee Wei Keong (2019)

Honorary Treasurer

Wang Junjie (2018)

Deputy Honorary Treasurer

Nazeer Bin Basir (2011)

Director, Special Projects

Mohd Imhar Bin Mohd Said, PBM (1984)

Deputy Director, Special Projects

Yew Zheng Cheng Desmond (2008)

Director, Alumni Engagements Goh Su Ying Daphne (2017)
Deputy Director, Alumni Engagements

Irene Goh (2006)

Director, Homestay Families Engagement

Melissa Feng (2019)

Deputy Director, Homestay Families Engagement

Ong Bock Poh (Francis) (1993)

Director, PYs Engagement & SCA

Goh Kang Shyan Francis (2016)

Deputy Director, PYs Engagement & SCA Muhammad Hafidz Zainal Abidin (1995)
Director, Strategic Communications Parveen Banu bte Abu Hanifah (2010)
Deputy Director, Strategic Communications Chairul Fahmy Bin Hussaini (1996)
Director, Youth Engagement & Social Media Sew Cheen Da Johnny (2019)
Director, International Relations Wayne Khoo Wei Heng (2019)
Director, Merchandising & Digitalisation Chung Meng Fong Isaac (2006)
Deputy Director, Merchandising & Digitalisation Joey Koh Eng Hwa, PBM (1990)




* Ms Lim Hui Xian, Joyce (2016) resigned from the Executive Board on 24 October 2020