History of SSEAYP International Singapore

The SSEAYP International was founded in 1987 as a coalition of all Alumni organisations of the Ship for South-East Asian Youth Programme. The SSEAYP International was formed with an objective: to contribute to the development of ties and understanding for coexistence among nations and strengthening of world peace, harmony and prosperity. The prime purpose of the SSEAYP International is four-fold:

  1. To create the opportunity for the reunion of the ex-participants in our desire to promote lasting friendship, understanding and goodwill.
  2. To help in the development of the activities of all Alumni Association by exchanging information regularly.
  3. To contribute to society by planning and managing joint projects in accordance with social needs.
  4. To engage in activities that will generate funds for the above mentioned activities.

The Development of Alumni of the SouthEast Asian Youth Ship participants (Singapore) and SSEAYP International SSEAYP Alumni (Singapore)

As early as 1976, ex-participants of SSEAYP met together and decided to form an alumni association to look into the interest of ex-participants. A move to form Singapore Goodwill Association (SINGA) was rejected by the Registrar of Societies. In 1979, the National Youth Co-ordinating Committee agreed to allow the SSEAYP Alumni Singapore to be formed under the aegis of the National Youth Co-ordinating Committee (NYCC). now called National Youth Council (NYC).

The first Executive committee of the fifteen members was appointed by the National Youth Co-ordinating Committee. The subsequent Executive Committees were elected amongst members once in every two years, during the Biennial General Meeting (BGM).