Good evening SSEAYP Family,

We have a few more days before the nomination for candidates to be elected as 4th SIS Executive Board is closed.

As such, we’d like to urge all PYs who have the passion & heart to serve our SSEAYP Family, to please step forward and serve as a board member.

Our 3rd EB has appointed an independent Election Committee (EC) who will be looking into the election processes.

Allow us to introduce the members of EC. They are:

1. Alvin Lee (Chairman)
SPY 2004 & SNL 2011 and past SIS President

2. Jenny Koh
SPY 1987, SNL 1998, SIS Adviser 2016-2020 and past SIS President.

3. K Ilangovan
SPY 1976

4. Juliana Adam
SPY 91 & SNL 2002

5. K Sivamalar
SPY 1995

6. Ramlan Rasidi
SPY 91 & SNL 2005

We’d like to thank them & wish them all the best in carrying out their roles for the coming election.

Thank you.